Wheelset: Hubs

BLB King Hub Front $110 Sgd, Rear @ $125 Sgd

The all new BLB King hubs add another level to our already strong range of high quality affordable fixed gear hubs. These low flange beauties have CNC’d aluminium shells and lock nuts as well as long life Japanese bearings.
Based on BMX designs the BLB King Hubs are strong as an ox, but no where near as heavy. Mean enough for freestyle use and elegant and light enough for fast bike rides in the country, there’s little the King hub won’t do.
The king hub gives you the super tough and desirable female bolt system at a never before seen price.

M8 Bolt Fitting
Double Fixed
Colour: Black, or Silver

BLB King Hub Front 1 BLB King Hub Front 2 BLB King Hub 2 BLB King Hub 1


BLB Track Hub Front $65 Sgd, Rear $60 Sgd
Anyone whose ridden a fixed wheel bike for a while will tell you the need for good wheels, they are one of the few pieces on such paired down bikes, and they have to put up with a lot.
The bedrock of a strong fixed wheelset is the hub, and with the BLB Track Hub we set out to bring to you the best value for money, choice of colours and performance possible.
The sealed bearing design ensures continued durability all year round.

Colour: Silver, Yellow Gold, Blue, Purple, Green or Electric Pink.


BLB Track Hub 1


BLB Track Hub 3 BLB Track Hub 2


Bombtrack Owl Hubset @ $295
The upcoming bombtrack hub is a further development of their current hub, but also revert to their patented and well proven fixed driver system. The hub comes with 10T cog option, and finally avoids all problems one had with threaded or bolt-on hubs. Along the hub there will be fitting hubguards available.

bombtrack owl front hub chrome
bombtrack-owl-rear-hub (1)

Resist Icon Hubset @ $210
These Resist icon hubset looks super dialed and super beefy. The hubset has been tested by riders, beating the hell out of the slotted 14mm hubs and they are holding up just fine. Resist’s new rear fixed hub, comes in a 14mm axle and 14mm/10mm slotted axle so you’re able to run them in either 14mm or 10mm dropouts.

Profile Fixed/Free Hubset @ $400
For those unfamiliar with fixed hubs, the rear hub doesn’t coast or freewheel, the gear or cog is fixed to the hub. Profile’s design features a fixed cog on one side and a freewheel on the other. The rider can switch from fixed gear riding to a freewheel just by turning the wheel over. The hubs are light, fast, and strong, and come in various colours. Profile fixed hubs are strong enough for fixed freestyle, light enough for the velodrome, and stylish enough to ride to the bar.

Profile Fixed True 3/8″ Axle Conversion Kit @ $80
Based on the Bmx mini front axle, these axle kits are stiffer, stronger, and are simply the way to go if you plan on doing any sort of fixed gear free-styling. The aluminum cone spacers have a knurled, case-hardened crmo washer pressed into them, meaning that these will probably never slip in your dropout. The true 3/8″ axles are a real performance upgrade to your Profile hubs, a difference in stiffness that you can feel.

Profile Fixed 14mm Axle Conversion Kit @ $80
Want to run pegs with your Profile fixed hubs, or just want the strongest axle possible? Here is your answer. For Profile fixed gear rear hubs only. They will not fit other company’s hubs, and they will not fit any of Profile front hubs.


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