BLB Black Mamba Tyres @ $50 Sgd/Each

We all know how hard it is to find a good tyre – we want one that lasts long, that doesn’t rip apart after few skids, grippy in the wet, and we want it to roll fast.
After over 2 years of development, knowing what London riders want, we are happy to offer you the highly anticipated Black Mamba – a puncture proof, hard compound, fast tyre that will just keep going! The team here at BLB, courier friends and a few other select riders who have been testing the tyres (brakeless) are fully backing them, with claims like “they last forever!” Pre-orders for these have come from all over the world!
Available in 3 different colourways which all come in 700x23c and 700x28c. You need to try these bad boys out – you won’t be disappointed! Durable, fast and hard wearing – what more do you need?!

Sizes: 23c or 28c
Colour: Black, or Black with White sidewall

BLB Black Mamba Tyre 700c 1 BLB Black Mamba Tyre 700c 2

Continental Ultra GatorSkin 700c x23c @ $55 Sgd

Conti Gatorskin

Continental Grand Prix 4000S II 700c x 23c @ $70 Sgd

Conti GP4000S Conti GP4000S 2



Continental Attack And Force Comp Tubular Tire 700c x 22c @ $145 Sgd

Continental Attack Comp 2Continental Attack Comp 1



Resist Nomad Tyre @ $35 / $38
Resist’s new high pressure (80 psi), lightweight, wire bead nomad tyre is one of the lightest wire bead tyres with rectangle blocks for extra traction. This tyre features a low profile rectangle tread pattern for grip on any terrain, and micro knurling that increases grip, and flows onto the side wall for extra strength.

nomad tyre



  1. jialong84 said

    It really depends on the rear clearance of the frame, and the fork. If the fork doesn’t have enough clearance for big tires, there’s no way we can make it fit. As for the rear, you can always try to push the wheel backward if there’s clearance at the side of the chainstay. 🙂

  2. Jaysen said

    Hi jialong, do you still have stock for 700 X 35c @ the hougang store?

    • jialong84 said

      Only here at our sin ming outlet. Drop me a sms @ 81188529 if you prefer to purchase from hougang. I can arrange to bring the tires over.

  3. Hey do you sell purple 700×25 tyres???

    • jialong84 said

      Nope, we don’t have purple tyres in 25c but we will have Resist tire in 28c in both black, and red wall in mid of Feb! 🙂

  4. Noel Lim said

    hi, do you sell 700x25c completely orange tires. how much.

  5. Zee said

    Hi. Kinda new to fixie and i was wondering, will the Resist Nomad 700x35c able to fit my rim? My previous tyres just state 700x23c.
    My rim spec is ,Double Wall 50mm Rim Depth , 32H. Do I need special tube for the Nomad? Sorry for the question. hee

    • jialong84 said

      It shouldn’t be an issue to install 35C tires on your wheelset. All you need is a bigger tube. 🙂

  6. Hi guys, 700 x 45c Tan wall still in stock at the moment?

  7. Benedict said

    Hi 🙂 do you still have the Resist Nomad Tyre 700 x 35c at the hougang store ? 🙂

    • jialong84 said

      Probably not available. You can drop me a sms @ 81188529 and I can arrange to bring some over.

  8. Brandon said

    Hi Jialong ! Do you have any cheap tyres at the hougang store for fixies ? Just those kind for normal riding use would be enough.

    • jialong84 said

      Yes, there’s Kenda tires available at our hougang store for fixie. Do drop by to take a closer look. Should be around $20-30+ range.

  9. fahmi said

    Hey im new to fixie.. so which tyres wud u recommend for pure fixed wheelset??

  10. rob said

    how do i purchashe a 28 inch front tire ?

  11. Yasseer said

    Can the resist nomad tyres be used on fixie bike frames?

  12. Drew said

    Hi, Is the nomad tyres (tan) available? Thanks

    • jialong84 said

      700 x 28/35c are available here at our sin ming outlet. 🙂

  13. Nicoll said

    Hi , I need the following items . If you do not have them in stock please tell me which .. Coming in on the 26 or 27th to buy . Resist Pivotal Seatpost Black . Cult Dak Pivotal seat Black/Rasta , Macneil Gauge PC Pedals Clear , 2 Resist Nomad Tyre 700x28c , BLB Track Drop Bar Black , BLB Pro Microfibre Handlebar Tape black .

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