Component: Pedal

Shadow Ravager PC Pedal @ $28
Low profile pedals made from an injection molded composite with a deeply knurled body and 10 molded pins per side for maximum traction and a 4140 heat-treated chromoly spindle for improved reliability.


Fly Ruben Graphite Pedal @ $38
These new plastic pedal are new compound out of a special blend of nylon and fiber glass that FLY call “graphite” featuring a micro knurled concaved body with 10 molded square pins per side for maximum traction. This pedal is harder than the material currently used on other plastic pedals. These new pedals are only 1mm. thicker than the aluminum ones on each side so the feeling is the same as the alumium ones.

Demolition PC Pedal @ $28
These Demolition pedals are super super light, and come in great shape made from molded polycarbonate with a knurled concaved body. It has 10 molded pins per side for extra grip, and features a chromoly spindle.

Macneil Gauge PC Pedal @ $25
The Macneil gauge plastic pedals are concaved platform pedals molded from a high grade polycarbonate with 10 molded pins per side, 2 molded traction pads for extra grip, chromoly spindle, and laser-etched Macneil logos.


  1. Hazely said

    Does the pedals fit into a free ride bike ?

  2. Shadow Ravager PC Pedal still available?

  3. Ashwin said

    Bro, Rubens in black stil avail at Hougang?

  4. Is shadow purple in stock in any shop????

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