Component: Pedal Strap, ToeClip & Strap

Pure Fix Pro Pedal Strap @ $38
These Pure Fix pro straps are made out of ballistic nylon and military grade parts. One of the best quality footstraps on the market, these straps will assist in your perfect pedal stroke along with helping you skid to a stop in fixed gear.

pure fix pedal strap


  1. Kyan Ong said

    you got sell cages?

  2. Zeonp said

    Hello, will you guys be restocking this black pedal strap anytime soon? Or do you have other brands in stock.

    • jialong84 said

      Nope we don’t intend to restock Focale 44 pedal strap but we are planning to bring in Pure Fix ones soon. 🙂

  3. any stock?

    • jialong84 said

      Not yet but we are likely to receive Pure Fix pedal strap in the month of Dec…

  4. Dhan said

    Been waiting for these pedal straps to get in. how do I order/purchase ?

    • jialong84 said

      Where do you stay? You can drop by at either one of our retail store to get it. 🙂

  5. DHAN said

    you guys still have the red/black/white pedal straps in stock?

    • jialong84 said

      We only left with purple pedal straps in stock now. We will receive black ones in two weeks time.

  6. zachbasst said

    Hi, I am wondering if you have stock for the black pure fix pedal straps. Please get back to me ASAP!! I wanna get it ASAP

  7. Yusof said

    Is it available?

  8. Jun Hao said

    Is it available now? The black ones

    • jialong84 said

      Yes, black, white, purple, and red are available now.

  9. Nur said

    do you still have this at your hougang branch?

  10. ashraf said

    Is the pedal strap available?

  11. afiq said

    is this still available?

  12. Yit Leong said

    Is the Pure Fix pedal strap still available ?

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