Grips & Bartapes

BLB Pro Microfibre Handlebar Tape @ $25 Sgd
An elegant, long lasting and soft material. The perforated microfibre allows your hands to breathe, while maintaining softness and comfort.
Breathable, strong, durable, lightweight, and provides excellent grip in all conditions.
In the box: 2 rolls of tape, 2 bar plugs,2 end strips

Bar Tape 2Bar Tape 1

SUPACAZ Super Sticky Kush Bar Tape @ $42 Sgd (Available is Neon Orange/BLack, Neon Green/Black, Red/Black, Red/White, Neon Purple, Black, Red, Neon Pink, Neon Blue, Neon Green, Neon Purple, Neon Orange)

Super Sticky Kush Bar Tape 

Star Plugz

  1. Nothing Last Longer
  2. Nothing Feels Better
  3. Nothing is Sexier

Supacaz Kush Bartape w Plugs

Supacaz Kush Bartape w Plugs 5Supacaz Kush Bartape w Plugs 2Supacaz Kush Bartape w Plugs 4 Supacaz Kush Bartape w Plugs 3


Pure Fix Oury Gip @ $20
The most durable grips around! Oury grips are known for being the nicest, toughest, most comfortable grips on the market. No one can match the quality of these grips.

Focale 44 Keirin Grip @ $12
Long grips for the down ends of dropbars.

Fit Team Grip @ $15
These new team grips from Fit have a ribbed design and are made from krayton rubber for maximum comfort. These grips feature a medium diameter and a super-soft feel.


Fit Original Grip @ $12
Fitbikeco classic mushroom grips that’s as popular now as the day it came out. With a new design and range of colours for the Fit key grips are a larger diameter grip, made from krayton rubber for maximum comfort. Timeless design works great and these grips are durable.


Shadow Thirteen Grip @ $15
These new thirteen grips from the Shadow feature a ribbed pattern similar to a Odi longneck grip. The ribs however are in fact a shape called a dodecahedron (ha) and each one is slightly rotated from the next providing more grip. More colours than you could wish for to match the rest of Shadow BMX parts.

Cult Dehart Grip @ $15
Cult and Chase Dehart know what’s good in the Bmx world, and Dehart’s new signature grip from Cult looks to further prove this point. This soft rubber grip is made from krayton rubber with a mushroom style grip pattern that has two horizontal ribbed sections and one vertical ribbed section. Besides having an option to run them a variety of ways, they are produced by ODI, who has a worldwide reputation for making the best grips in the bicycling world.

Fly Sergio Grip @ $15
The Flybikes sergio grip uses the same unique pattern as the sergio tyres and are thin and cut to size. The Flybikes sergio grips are 350mm long with flanges on both ends as one long unit; cut ’em down to your desired size, and slap on for maximum usage. The grips also come with a 1.5mm high diamond design on the base, and a 0.5mm Sergio logo that is like his signature tire and a 29mm diameter.

Fly Ruben Grip @ $15
Ruben Alcantara’s signature grip slightly increase in diameter near the outer edge of the grip to make it more comfortable in our hand, and also comes with Fly nylon bar ends.

Fly Fino Grip @ $15
A long one piece design for custom grip length, designed to be cut in half and trimmed to the rider’s preferred length. Long enough to make 2 grips that are almost 7″ each. Made from soft pliable rubber with a mushroom style grip area with thicker flanges and cuts to be more grippy.

Sunday Yell Grip @ $15
Sunday new grip features a tried and true ribbed design with Sunday word bubbles added in. It has removable flanges and is made of a new rubber compound which increases the grips life. Each grip also come with press-fit nylon bar ends.

Odyssey Aaron Ross Grip @ $15
Aaron Ross’s signature grip is made from soft krayton rubber with a keyboard-style grip area. The flanges are designed to be easily cut off if you wish, leaving a clean edge. It has a thick grip with large flat sections, and it is extrememly soft so it stretches and compresses liberally.

Odyssey Adam Banton 2 Grip @ $15
Adam Banton has a new grip that’s designed with a grippy speaker mesh pattern and guitar flanges. It also features the new olastic rubber compound which allows the grip to be softer without sacrificing durability. The thickness is about average but the harder you grip, the thinner it feels.

Sputnic Grip @ $12
The Sputnic grip is made out of the new material that is softer yet more durable than krayton rubber with a ribbed Sputnic logo over the grip area. These grips come in a medium circumference, and 121mm in length @ 25 durometer. And of course they include the new Sputnic nylon bar-ends.

Fit BF Grip @ $14
Classic motocross style Brian Foster signature grips from Fitbikeco with a regular sized thickness, slightly harder rubber, and small dimpled sections to make this grip a longer lasting comfortable classic.

Fit Flangeless Repeater Grip @ $15
The much anticipated Fit repeater grips, made in the USA by ODI, feature a soft tacky rubber with a lightly textured grip area featuring an allover Fit logo pattern. These grips are designed a little larger than most so they’ll last longer.

Wethepeople El Barrio Grip @ $13
The Wethepeople el barrio grips are made from 2 compounds: reduced allergy krayton, and elastomer for durability, maximuim grip and comfort. They come with new end plugs, which are engraved with the Wethepeople logo.

Éclat Ashley Charles Grip @ $14
Ashley’s signature grip is designed by the needs of the English gentleman from Bourmouth. Ashley’s grip is a slim but still gripy grip with a special flange. His grip offers a special flange that is different from every other flange out there. The flanges on Ash’s grips are curved and feel smooth on your hand. This grip is designed in conjunction with Ashley Charles and it lets your bars spin as fast as Ashleys.

Shadow Local Grip @ $15
This local grip is a new Shadow grip designed by Ben Hucke and is a medium circumference, 144mm in length, and includes Shadow nylon bar ends.

Subrosa Skeleton Crew Grip @ $14
The Subrosa skeleton crew is a new grip made of a new rubber that is softer, but has more durability. Come with a push-in bar ends, this grip has an awesome feel, and is very G.U.T.I.

Odyssey Griswald Grip @ $15
The Griswald grip is probably the softest grips you could ever get, like a puppy’s fur, now they come in the limited edition iColour with a curved mushroom style pattern for comfort. This grip features a wagon queen family truckster in metallic pea on the flange, and offers the ultra thin, multi directional rib that all but folds under your palms. Being part of the Odyssey “I” range means they come in every transparent colour to match up with their twisted pedals.

Fit Inman Grip @ $14
These Fit new Justin Inman’s signature grips are basically Fit O.G. grips with some things changed up like a grip-wire groove so you can cut the flange, different rib style pattern and northwest inspired graphics on flange.

Fit Eddie Grip @ $15
These Fit Eddie grips, made in the USA by ODI, feature high quality soft rubber compound with an all-over micro knurled grip pattern and a large Fit logo near the flange. Designed by Eddie Cleveland with a small diameter and grippy feel.


Odyssey Gary Young Grip @ $15
Made from soft krayton rubber for great grip and wear. These grips feature a classic ribbed pattern that’s spaced and sized in a way which gives them a cozy, worn-in feel, right out of the box. These grips used a similar ribbed pattern as the team and gedda 2 grip, but are designed to mimic a worn in version.

Odyssey Chase Hawk Grip @ $15
Chase Hawk’s signature grip featuring a cut guide near the flange so it can be easily removed and an intricate grip pattern with 640 raised dimples for added traction. These grips have a thicker size, but squeezes down when you grab it. They may or may not increase your boost but they will allow you to grip your bar and hang on for dear life when you’re soaring through the skies.

Odyssey Adam Banton Grip @ $10
Adam Banton’s signature grip is slightly thicker with guitars in the areas of most wear, to slow down wear. These grips may look cool, but are strategically placed where the grips wear out most, this way they last longer. These grips also have anti-flange flop spacer on the outer edge of the flange to keep the flange from flopping over as the grip slides toward the brake lever.

Adam Banton Grips

Macneil Zoomer Grip @ $12
Made from krayton rubber with horizontal ribs broken up into 6 sections. The lively zoomer makes a unique statement in every way. A sure bet for good times wherever you go, the zoomer’s ‘rough and ready’ styling was made for fun. Slightly thicker than most grips for more comfort.

Macneil Houndstooth Grip @ $12
The Macneil houndstooth grips are constructed from krayton rubber and feature a soft houndstooth pattern. A nice feeling grip, the Macneil houndstooth grips give you all the grip you need with comfort.

Odi Longneck Grip @ $18
The Odi longneck grip has been around for what seems like a lifetime. Originating from the old musroom grip its ribbed design with length longer than the average grip, makes it a great shock absorber, a narrow profile, and really comfortable.

Primo Chad Degroot Grip @ $12
These grips by Primo were made to the specification of Primo team rider and street ripper, Chad DeGroot. These grips have high flange design and textured gripping area, and it gives you all the grip you need with comfort.

Primo Crescent Grip @ $12
These new crescent grips from Primo feature the crescent Logo and come in flanges. Primo make excellent grips, and here’s another pair to add to the list.

Primo Josh Stricker Grip @ $12
These grips by Primo were made to the specification of Primo team rider and street ripper, Josh Stricker. These grips are quite thin so are easy to grip and the soft rubber helps keeps you hands gripped to the bars. It has high flange design and textured gripping area, and uses softer compound than other Primo grips for maximum feel.

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