LA PIOVRA AIR FRAME @ ONLY $850. (Ready Stock at only size 53)

This frame has all the beautiful attributes our custom La Piovra alloy frame is renowned for.                                                                                                      Top grade alloy, fluted seat tube, tight rear wheel clearance, angled top tube, smooth welds & of course high quality workmanship and finish.         This beauty is now available as a standard stock item at a fantastic price!                                                                                                                                          New La Piovra Air is available in two finishes: Black Chrome and Charcoal Black.

BLB La Piovra Air Black Chrome 2 BLB La Piovra Air Charcoal Black 1

BLB La Piovra Air Black Chrome 1


BLB LO-PRO FRAMESET @ ONLY $640 SGD. Available in size 53

BLB Lo Pro Frameset


Bombtrack Dash Frame @ $300
The original Bombtrack has been refined and optomised into the new flagship dash bike, which has been extensively tested and contest proven thanks to team rider Simon “Gomok” Andraca (Europe), Mean (Asia) and Gabe Garcia (USA). The short rear end, ideal toe clearance by keeping the wheelbase compact and strong tuning are the core characteristics of the dash, simple but possibly yet unachieved by any of its peers.

bombtrack dash purple

Bombtrack Divide Frame @ $300
The divide frame feeds the demand for a long lasting urban fixed gear bike, which is both an undestroyable courier work-bike for daily (ab)use and has the advantageous characteristics of a fixed gear freestyle bike. This is a frame for the bike that the market has so far been unable to offer, with other brands opting only for the 26” route. The divide frame is equally happy going for a light tricking session as it is cutting across the city at blistering speed but in total comfort. Jump curbstones and staircase, throw your bars while still being able to commute and mosh your urban area full speed ahead. This frame really is a daily companion.

divide frame black

Volume Thrasher V2 Frame @ $300
The V2 thrasher came into development after hearing what riders / critics wanted. Longer top tube lengths on the smaller sized frames for less overlap, steeper head tube for better handling, allow a bigger tire and a lil’ taller BB for certain tricks. The aesthetics are very simple and straight forward. Double butted, seamless, heat treated crmo sanko tubes were used throughout the frame. If you like a very straight forward frame that can take abuse but still ride like a normal bike, the all new thrasher V2 is for you.

Volume Cutter V6 Frame @ $300
The Volume cutter’s legendary geometry and strength quickly became the frame to ride cause of it’s maneuverability. Whether you’re a messenger, trick rider or even a daily commuter, the cutter is one of the frames they can count on lasting. The all new v6 frame changes from the previous versions are, canned HT w/ speaker deboss, wider CS and SS (now fits a 45C+ tire), all new dropout shape and curved ST.

2012 Subrosa Malum Fixed Frame @ $280
The Subrosa malum fixed frame features a 100% Japanese seamless 4130 crmo TT and oval butted DT, chainstays 400mm, 74° HA, 75.5° SA with integrated seat clamp.


  1. pidoq said

    hey..volume vandal can shipping to malaysia.?
    how much include shipping

    • jialong84 said

      I’m sorry but we have already run out of stock for Volume vandal frame…

  2. Xav said

    Hi, do you guys have VISP frames?

  3. Afad said

    Still got Volume Cutter?

  4. Nicoll said

    Volume Cutter V6 Frame can fit 26″ wheelsets ?

  5. LE said

    Is it possible to build a Subrosa Malum Fixie complete bike with a Budget of six hundred ?

    • jialong84 said

      I think it will be possible to build up the Subrosa Malum with a budget of $700-800 using Pure Fix components. 🙂

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