Drivetrain: Spocket (Chainring & Cog)

Sugino Super ZEN144 S3 Chainring NJS @ $415

The drive-train series which saw Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny, and Team Great Britain to 7 gold medals at the London Olympics, is now available at Tionghin!
Sugino’s famous S-Cubic coating offers the least resistance possible, and the forged cranks provide the ultimate in stiffness.
Best matched with the Euro Asia Gold Medal cog, and Izumi V chain, to create the most bad-ass drive train available.
These chainrings are available in an iridescent champagne chrome finish, but can also be found in an iridescent black/gunmetal finish. Both finishes have a slightly pearl/oil shine to them.
They simply look incredible in person!

Super Zen S3 2Super Zen S3 1

Sugino ZEN144 Chainring NJS @ $165 (Silver), $185 (Black)

Sugino ZEN RACING 1/8” 144 BCD NJS CHAINRING with Kanji. Premium track chainrings from Sugino. Certified by NJS, the Japanese Track racing standard.

ZEN Chainring 2 n ZEN Chainring 1


BLB Super Pista Chainring @ $95 Sgd

BLB Super Pista Chainring 1 BLB Super Pista Chainring 2

BLB Track Chainring @ $70 Sgd

BLB Track Chainring Black BLB Track Chainring Silver



Sugino FIXIE COG (Sprocket/Cluster/Lockring set): $55

Chain Size: 1/2″x1/8″
Teeth: 16T, or 17T
Color: Black, or Silver
Surface Finish: Anodized
Material: High grade aluminum alloy

Thread: BC1.37x24T.P.I.
Material: High grade aluminum alloy

Thread: BC1.29x24T L
Material: aluminum alloy

Fixie Cog 1 Fixie Cog 2

Fixie Cog 3






Thread: BC1.29x24TL
Material: Cr-Mo Steel
Surface Finish: Black Finish
Color: Black

Profile Fixed Cog @ $42
The Profile fixed cogs are made from 4140 quenched, and tempered crmo for extra strength, and less weight. Made in the USA, these cogs can fix on most hubs out in the market except Campagnolo, or Phil Wood.


BLB Super Pista Spocket @ $55 Sgd
Superior CNC’d Stainless Steel ensures smoothness and the ultimate in corrosion and wear resistance for this beautifully finished sprocket.
Now packaged in an elegant new box and available in more sizes.

Super Pista Sprocket 1 Super Pista Sprocket 2

BLB Track Spocket @ $38 Sgd
Hard wearing and high quality steel Track sprockets in a variety of colours and a massive range of sizes.
14–16 Tooth sprockets have no cut outs
17–24 Tooth sprockets are SLR (ie. with cut outs)

Track Sprocket 2Track Sprocket 1

BLB Superior Freewheel @ $75 Sgd
BLB’s Superior Freewheels offer the missing link in the single speed market.
A highly cost effective freewheel that will outlast and out perform its rivals.

Superior freewheel 1 Superior freewheel 2



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