Drivetrain: Crankset


Sugino Super SG75 S3 Crank NJS @ $735

The drive-train series which saw Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny, and Team Great Britain to 7 gold medals at the London Olympics, is now available at Tionghin !
If you are simply looking for the ultimate crankset, you cannot look past Sugino’s new track group.
The new Sugino Super Zen chainring and Super Sugino 75 crankset, along with the Sugino 75 Ceramic bottom bracket set, creates the ultimate track racing drive train.
Sugino’s famous S-Cubic coating offers the least resistance possible, and the forged cranks provide the ultimate in stiffness.
They simply look incredible in person and the quality has proven in London Olympics.


Sugino Grand Mighty Crank NJS @ $340
Sugino Grand Mighty in champagne finish.
Top-of-the-line Keirin Track Racing NJS certified super-stiff forged aluminum arms 144mm BCD arm set in a Sugino display box.
Recommended for use with Sugino 75 SuperLap ISO splined (NJS) bottom bracket.Includes 5 chainring bolts.

Grand Mighty 1 Grand Mighty 2

Sugino SG75 DD Crankset, Sugino Zen Chainring & BB MB608-II (BC 1.37x24T 68mm): $620

The biggest new release for 2015, from Sugino!
Sugino make the finest track drive train components available and the new Direct Drive crankset, designed specifically for track racing, continues this legacy.
Each set includes the Sugino 75 DD crank arms, Sugino track bottom bracket set, and a Sugino Zen NJS chainring, in your choice of size.

P.C.D. : 144mm
B.B. MB608-II (BC 1.37x24T 68mm) with B.B.
Chain Line : 42mm
Crank Length : 165 / 170mm
Chain Size : 1/2″ x 1/8″

photo 2 photo 3 photo 1

Sugino SG75 Crank NJS @ $255 (Silver), $275 (Black). Or Complete package including Sugino SG75 CrankArm with Bolts & Nuts + Sugino Zen Chainring + Sugino75 BB + Dust Cover @ $490 (Silver), $590 (Black)

The Sugino 75 is perhaps the single best-known crank on the keirin circuit, giving it a good claim on the ‘world’s favourite’ title. It’s a square-taper crank using the track-standard 144BCD, and its sharp, angular looks are quite unlike the flowing lines of most modern European offerings. We normally stock 165 and 170mm variants, both of which ship with neat inset ringbolts but no crankbolts. Stock of both is limited to the sizes listed, but you’re welcome to mail us for info on other permutations, and also on availability of other crank lengths.
Note that the Sugino 75 has one idiosyncrasy that stems from the way things are done on the Kerin scene: it is designed with ISO (AKA Campagnolo) rather than the more popular JIS square taper. Includes 5 chainring bolts.

SG75 2           SG75 1



Sugino COOL Messenger: $240 wo BB, or $290 w Sugino CBBAL-103 BB

System: 4-TAPER(JIS)
Crank material: Forged aluminum alloy
Chain Size : 1/2″x1/8″chain
Chain Line: 45.0mm (CBBAL-103)
B.B: CBBAL-103
Crank Length: 165mm
Teeth: 48T

Cool Messenger 2

Sugino Mighty Comp: $245(Black), $230(Silver) wo BB, or $295(Black), $280(Silver) w Sugino CBBAL-103 BB

P.C.D. :130mm
Crank Length : Mighty Comp.Crank(Single) 165mm
Crank Color : Silver
Chainring : MC130nc 48T
Chainring Color : Black/Silver
B.B.Axle : 103mm(CBBAL-103)
Chain Line : 45.0mm(CBBAL-103)
Compatibility : 1/2″x1/8″chain
Surface Finish :
Crank/Chainring Anodized
Small Parts : SINGLE BOLT/NUT SET #401 KPB

Mighty Comp Black Mighty Comp Silver


RD2-MESSNGER 165mm 48T W/BB SET (CBBF-103) @ $190

A great Crankset combo from Sugino. The cranks are only available in 165mm and the chainring is 130PCD 48T.
This combo is ready to go out of the box and supplied with the Sugino messenger chain ring and the 103mm Sugino bottom bracket.


RD2 Messenger 2RD2 Messenger 1


RD2 TRACK SILVER 165mm 1/8 50T W/BB SET (CBBF-103) @ $145 (Silver), $165 (Black)

Classic for fixed gear/track bike. More durable chainring than the standard RD Track Crank. Cold-forged aluminum arms.  Supply with Bottom Bracket Set (CBBF-103MM).



BLB Super Pista Crankset @ $185 Sgd
Fully CNC’d the Super pista is reminiscent of classic Campagnolo Record cranksets.
Sharing a similar aesthetic, the Super Pista goes one step further in improving on the weight and stiffness brother whilst also benefitting from a higher quality finish that will happily sit along side the best of components and frames, new or old.
The Chainring shares the same 144 BCD as many other top end Track chainsets as well as old school Campagnolo Pista cranks.

Super Pista Crankset 2Super Pista Crankset 1


Pure Fix Crank @ $120
Pure Fix 3-piece fixie crank comes in black and alloy and has 44 teeth. Crankset comes with gear ring, right and left pedal arms, two bolts and caps.



  1. iskandar reza Ismail said

    For crank replacement, can u guys do it for me?

    • jialong84 said

      What kind of replacement do you need? For which crank also?

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