Complete Bike: Pure City

Pure Fix Bourbon Complete Bike 3-Speed @ $720
Our Bourbon is one smooth glass of class. Designed to effortlessly take you from Point A to Point B, it’s ready to quench your thirst for riding, and give you a nice little buzzy feeling at the same time.


Pure Fix Crosby Complete Bike 3-Speed @ $720
With its sweeping curves, sleek mint-green frame, and white wheels, the Crosby has the classic look of a cobblestone street with a smooth modern feel. Whether you’re headed uptown, downtown, or just around the corner, if you’re on the Crosby, you’ll always be taking the scenic route!


Pure Fix Langdon Complete Bike – Single Speed @ $580 / 3-Speed @ $720
With its swooping snow-white frame and matching wheels, the Langdon guarantees you’ll never be running low on class.
Whether you’re headed to work, the grocery store, or just out for a ride, the Langdon will get you there in style (and usually with a rack-full of compliments)!


Pure Fix Newbury Complete Bike – Single Speed @ $580 / 3-Speed @ $720
Newbury brings the beauty of Boston’s brownstone boutiques to whatever borough you call home. Class, charm, and a pop of color make Newbury one wicked good lookin’ ride.


Pure Fix Western Complete Bike – Single Speed @ $580 / 3-Speed @ $720
The biggest stars in Hollywood take Western to work, to their friends’, to get out on the town, and now you can too!
The sleek black dutchie frame and crisp white wheels hint back to the glamour of old Hollywood and, with three gearing options to choose from, you can cruise in comfort, even in modern-day traffic!


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