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Childish Gambino – Fire Fly Feat. Pure Fix Cycles!

Ahh, Fire Fly! Pure Fix’re stoked to have been a part of Childish Gambino’s newest video for Fire Fly off his camp album. Not only his this the best song on the CD, Pure Fix bikes are all over this video. Ahh, the drums sound so clean! Thanks to @DonaldGlover, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch and Mitch for throwing this together and thinking of us. Can you name all the bikes in the video?

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Fixed Trip in Malaysia

Here is a video shared by one of the riders from Malaysia. Watch it as they present some tricks on fixed gear bikes. Thanks for sharing, Blues!

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Bike Lanes

Just saw this on Prolly’s site and had to repost. This is absolutely true in every city. Cops “just doing their job” and ticketing bicyclists for doing what’s necessary to survive while riding on the streets. Some of the dudes crashes are absolutely hilarious too.

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