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Clearance Sales: 2016 Bombtrack Complete Bikes

2016 Bombtrack Needle Complete Bike @ $990 $1350
From the moment the Bombtrack needle was launched it caught the eye of track and criterium riders due to its steel, rather than alloy frame. The reynolds 725 tube-set is double butted and heat-treated for a higher strength to weight ratio. This strength produces a very stiff frame, and thanks to the inherent dampening properties of steel, also very comfortable. This dampening characteristic means the frame is very compliant and stable through corners, and on rougher surfaces, which ultimately makes for a fast bike.

The Bombtrack needle frame has had a few significant updates for 2016. Perhaps most noticeable is the sloping top tube, and the tapered head tube. These are designed for very different reasons, the tapered head tube works together with a tapered carbon fork for stiffer, and more direct handling. The sloping top tube is a result of reducing the seat tube length, which allows for a little extra riding comfort and gives the bike its distinctive silhouette. The dropouts have been updated too and are brazed into the rear stays for a cleaner, smoother look.

The drive train of the bike is the proven Sram omnium 7050-T6 alloy crankset and 48T sprocket which drives a 17T heat treated crmo rear cog. Each turn of the crank transfers the drive through to the drome wheelset. The wheelset rolls on high quality sealed bearing hubs that are laced into a wider rim with 25c tires, for reduced rolling resistance and improved comfort.



2016 Bombtrack Script Complete Bike @ $980 $1300
The Bombtrack script has come along way since the original bike in 2012, but the concept for a clean and simple alloy track bike has remained the same. For this reason the tubing is kept simple but effective, thanks to the 7000 series multi-butted aluminum which is light but very strong. Due to larger diameter head and down tubes, the frame is very stiff, ensuring all the power goes to the rear wheel and not lost flexing the frame. The tapered head tube and fork allow for a stiffer front end too, and the integrated headset ensures a super clean look at the same time. At the back of the frame the cnc machined dropouts are welded, and along with the other tubes, polished to leave a super smooth finish that really set the script apart from the crowd.

To make the most out of every ounce of energy put through the pedals, the Sram omnium crank is considered a benchmark in track crankset.

Made from 7005-T6 alloy and driving a 5mm thick 48T sprocket which is optimized for singlespeed chain. To put all this power down are the updated drome wheels which run on high quality sealed bearings and now use a wider rim profile which is optimized for the 25c tires.


2016 Bombtrack Oxbridge Geared Complete Bike @ $800 $1050
Not everyone is fortunate to live in pancake flat surrounding, so to get a little help on those hills the Bombtrack oxbridge is now available in a ten-speed version. To carry on the theme of old meets new, the Bombtrack oxbridge uses a downtube shifter paired up to a Shimano tiagra 10 speed derailleur. This old meets new approach means the classic looks are once again combined with modern engineering.

Thanks to the drop bar, there are a few more options for hand positions meaning a little extra comfort on longer rides. The frame also features bottle cage and rack mounts, so a longer weekend excursion is no problem now.



2016 Bombtrack Oxbridge SS Complete Bike @ $720 $950
The Bombtrack oxbridge was designed as a classic styled single speed city bike, but with a modern overtone and a sportier feeling. The key to the oxbridge’s visual appeal has always been the slim, clean frame in a timeless colour scheme, finished off with polished components. For 2016 the oxbridge is available in a deep black with a metallic brown flake which use a double clear coat for a glossier and more durable finish. Also the bike has been updated with front rack mounts, so if you’re looking for a little more practicality then installing a carrier is easily done.

As you look closer at the oxbridge you start to pick out details that set it apart from the crowd, like the embossing on the handlebar and saddle, the subtle logos on the hubs and stem. Due to it’s more sporty geometry the steering feels direct but at the same time the longer wheelbase helps keep things reassuringly stable. Thanks to the high quality sealed bearings in the hubs, the wheels glide effortlessly making the most out of every turn of the crank.


2016 Bombtrack Dash Complete Bike @ $750 $950
The Bombtrack dash is where it all began for Bombtrack, with the original bike being released back in 2011. The core of fixed gear freestyle riders are continuing to push the limits and reset the idea of what is possible on a fixed gear bike. With heavy influences from skate and Bmx, riders like Elliott Milner and Matt Reyes continue to astonish with each new edit they release.

What made the dash the ‘go to’ bike for fgfs was its credibility brought about through the Bmx heritage in the bloodlines. For 2016 the dash frame has had the standover height reduced to give a bit more clearance over the top tube. The frame dropouts have been shortened so that they don’t catch during grinds, and up front the forks have been updated for extra hub guard clearance. The new vex compound Saltplus grip uses a classic lamella pattern in a slightly slimmer diameter for more feel and the stealth nylon/fiberglass pedal provides improved grip and a solid base for pedal grinds.

Look closely at the seat stays on the dash and you will notice the mounts for brake pivots. This new feature has been added for those riders who want to use the dash in a single speed set up (Possible thanks to the fixed/cassette hub system) with a better braking performance from a u-brake.



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Sugino 75 DD Track Racing Crank Set – Direct Drive

Sugino SG75 DD Crankset, Sugino Zen Chainring & BB MB608-II (BC 1.37x24T 68mm): $620

The biggest new release for 2015, from Sugino!
Sugino make the finest track drive train components available and the new Direct Drive crankset, designed specifically for track racing, continues this legacy.
Each set includes the Sugino 75 DD crank arms, Sugino track bottom bracket set, and a Sugino Zen NJS chainring, in your choice of size.

P.C.D. : 144mm
B.B. MB608-II (BC 1.37x24T 68mm) with B.B.
Chain Line : 42mm
Crank Length : 165 / 170mm
Chain Size : 1/2″ x 1/8″

photo 2 photo 3 photo 1

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They’re BACK!! PUREFIX Complete Bikes and Accessories.


They’re back in stock.. PUREFIX Complete bike at $480 only
Only 5 popular models available. Papa, Juliet, Echo, India & X-Ray.
Contact us for more enquiry.


India Juliet Papa X-Ray


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SUGINO Exclusive Agent Singapore (Ready Stock, Re-Stocked and moreeeeeee ranges)

These hotcakes are back.

Sugino Parts is in. Re-Stock and more range from an affordable set to the highest end of all.

Grab yours quickly before the choice got limited.

The Sugino Cranks & Chainring is perhaps the single best-known crank on the keirin circuit, giving it a good claim on the ‘world’s favourite’ title. It’s a square-taper crank using the track-standard 144BCD, and its sharp, angular looks are quite unlike the flowing lines of most modern European offerings. We normally stock 165 and 170mm variants, both of which ship with neat inset ringbolts but no crankbolts. Stock of both is limited to the sizes listed, but you’re welcome to mail us for info on other permutations, and also on availability of other crank lengths.
Note that the Sugino 75 has one idiosyncrasy that stems from the way things are done on the Kerin scene: it is designed with ISO (AKA Campagnolo) rather than the more popular JIS square taper. Check the Phil bottom bracket range for compatible bottom brackets.

What else can be better than buying it straight from the shop. See them, feel them, love them and BUY!! And this is how we roll.

photo 1


photo 3


photo 5


photo 6


photo 8



photo 7


photo 9


photo 10



photo 12

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