Brake Parts: Cable

Shadow Linear Cable @ $16
Shadow have put loads of though into this cable, and you can really feel the difference. The 1.6mm inner wire is teflon coated and slides silky-smooth inside the pre-lubed teflon housing. It is double-ended for use as a lower gyro cable and includes a knarp for dual cable routing.

Fly Brake Cable @ $18
The linear housing casing, Teflon lined and coated cable provide you with all the features that you need, Stiff brake power, smooth performance, kink resistant and good braking even with the cable twisted after a tail whip or bar spin. To achieve this shape this part is CNC machined out of 6061-T6 so this is the reason why this brake cable is slightly more expensive than the rest.

Wethepeople Vector Cable @ $15
The vector cable has a slick inner cable compression less housing reinforced with stainless steel wire mesh that provides extra durability round the polyethylene linear. This teflon coated stainless slick inner cable, pre-stretched inner cable, is very smooth and chemical/dirt/moisture/corrosion resistant.


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