Brake Parts: Lever


BLB CNC Brake Lever @ $58 Sgd/each (Black, or Silver), $60 Sgd/each (Polished Red, or Gold). 
Super light and elegant CNC’d aluminium lever provides exceptional braking power.
Machined to exceptional tolerances the lever moves with unparalleled precision allowing for top quality modulation and control.

CNC BrakeLevers 1CNC BrakeLevers 2

BLB Crosstop Brake Lever @ $55 Sgd/pair
Introducing our new BLB BLevers crosstop brake levers. Elegant, simple and available in 2 clamp sizes – 31.8mm and 23.8/22.2mm.
The 23.8/22.2mm size is uniquely supplied with a CNC’d alloy shim that reduces the clamp size from 23.8 (drop bar or bullhorn size) to 22.2 (riser bar size) – so there is no need to stock loads of sizes, this economy lever will suit any handlebar!
Clamp on for easy fitting in 3 popular colours: black silver or white – and at a great price point for any build budget!

Crosstop Brake Lever 1 Crosstop Brake Lever 2

BLB Alloy TT-Lever @ $45 Sgd/each
New BLB TT brake levers. These individually sold, lightweight and elegant time trial levers are available in alloy or super lightweight carbon.
Alloy TT lever is compatible with all BLB handlebars.

TT Brake Lever 1TT Brake Lever 2


Focale 44 Brake Lever @ $20

Éclat Swift Brake Lever @ $30
Éclat’s new swift lever has the perfect bend without the need for any customization. It features a unique clasp design which allows for a wide range of placement on the handlebar and the lever’s extended profile means you don’t need to bend your brake lever to fit your handlebar. Embossed Éclat logos compliment the swift lever’s design, with both left and right versions available.

Odyssey Mono Lever @ $32
The mono lever has become one of the most popular levers with even the most dedicated traditional lever users switching over. While it has a minimal size and shape, the design that went into it is anything but minimal, every angle and edge was thought about, which you can feel when you pull it. All replaceable hardware to eliminate stripping. Top clamping bracket keeps bottom of lever smooth to prevent nicks & cuts.


Fly Brake Lever @ $85
Precision brake lever that is fully CNC machined from 6061-T6 extruded extra stiff lever to maximize brake power and reduce weight. Extrude procedure compress material to get a bigger density that dramatically increases strength and allows a smaller shape. CNC machined removes the unnecessary material and provides higher quality finish. 4 different brake cable set ups including internally coned cable end and precise dragonfly style gyro cables adaptor.

Salt Plus Lever @ $22
The Salt plus is an attractively priced brake lever in a plain black look. It is ergonomically designed with a hinged clamp design, completely made of aluminium and suitable for most bars with a diameter of 22.2mm.


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