Toe Clips & Straps

BLB Single Steel Toe Clips S/B S/G @ $28 Sgd/Pair
Single Bridge Single Gate for single toe straps. Also available with real leather covers that not only look fantastic but also protect the end of your shoes from damage.
Available in Medium or Large.
Come in pairs.

BLB S:B S:G Toe Clips

BLB Double Steel Toe Clips D/B D/G @ $40 Sgd/Pair
Single Bridge Double Gate for double toe straps.
Available in Medium or Large.
Come in pairs.

BLB D:B D:G Toe Clips

BLB Single Leather Straps @ $25 Sgd/Pair
Single toe straps for single gate toe clips.
Come in pairs.

Leather Straps 1 Leather Straps 2

BLB Double Leather Straps @ $50 Sgd/Pair
Double leather toe straps for double gate toe clips. Supplied with a special leather binding patch, which enables double straps to keep their shape whilst securing a stronger hold on the foot.
Come in pairs.

Leather Double Straps 1

BLB Lockdown Straps @ $50 Sgd/Pair
The BLB Lockdown Straps are top quality yet one of the most affordable freestyle straps available on the market.
After over a year of testing Lockdown straps have continued to prove their worth lasting and lasting no matter what kind of abuse they were receiving.
The unique design of the Lockdown strap allows for multiple fitting options, ensuring they will work with nearly any pedal on the market and super easy adjustment.

Lockdown Straps

Available stocks!! Please do email us for other preferred BLB parts at

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