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2015 Bombtrack Complete Bikes are here!

2015 Bombtrack Hook Complete Bike @ $2200
Developed with Olaf Wit and proven in the extreme transalp race by Stefan ‘Fish’ Vis, the Bombtrack hook is a true wolf in sheep’s clothing, the subtle understated looks masking the true abilities of this bike. The columbus tubing and carbon fork keep things stiff but light, and the Sram rival group set ensure flawless shifting. The wheel set is the latest offering from Mavic, so the bike is well equipped to take on whatever adventure you have in store for it, gravel, cx or even a trip across the Alps.
bombtrack hook

2015 Bombtrack Script Complete Bike @ $1350
The Bombtrack script has undergone a serious transformation, slicker meaner and more performance focused than before. The geometry is more aggressive, with steeper head and seat tube angles, the fork has a tapered steerer keeping things stiff and stable. Spec’d out with Sram omniums, drome wheel set and new ergo-drop or pursuit bar and you have one formidable street and criterium machine.
bombtrack script black
bombtrack script greenwhite

2015 Bombtrack Needle Complete Bike @ $1250
The Bombtrack needle is a seriously tough track bike suitable for daily riding but with the performance to compete on the criterium race scene. Designed in partnership with Olaf Wit, the geometry is dialed in to perfection and the Reynolds 725 tubing ensures a rigid yet comfortable and light frame. The welded crmo forks are built for strength but the curved shape helps to soak up the bumps, giving you more control and the confidence to place the bike exactly where you want.
bombtrack needle

2015 Bombtrack Arise Complete Bike @ $990
The Bombtrack arise is like a swiss army knife, tough, dependable and versatile. At its heart is the heat-treated crmo frame, strong and light. The fork crown is invest casted with an internal sleeve design to keep the outside looking clean and smooth. Removable cable tabs and the horizontal dropouts that allow for mounting a derailleur ramp up this bikes versatility. The larger tire clearance and rack mounts mean this bike can be anything from a single speed commuter, cx racer, or even an off-road travel bike.
arise black
arise orange

2015 Bombtrack Oxbridge Complete Bike @ $950
The Bombtrack oxbridge redefined the expression of a modern classic. The clean simple lines combined with details that run from front to back, make this bike a real head turner. What sets the oxbridge apart is the quality in the construction, finish and the parts. So that your riding isn’t restricted to fair weather days, Bombtrack has added mudguards that are slim, strong and of course coloured to match the bike to maintain those clean looks.
oxbridge blue
oxbridge green

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