Juls Vandal Bike Check

We got so excited when we received the photos of this newly built up Volume vandal bike in a sweet color combination of raw/black/tan from the first owner here in Singapore – Juls. The Vandal was first introduced as the 26″ Bmx frame w/ disc brake mounts but with the wide spread of the fixed gear 26″ movement, Volume decided to move the project to a fixed frame. To do tricks, and feel more comfortable doing them, Volume understand that the 26″ wheel was the direction the sport is headed. These bikes are now just big Bmx bikes that are now just as comfortable as any 20″ bike. It’s so gorgeous! Check out more below to see more…

  • Frame: Volume Vandal 26″, Raw
  • Fork: Volume Fu Manchu V3, Raw
  • Headset: Resist Integrated, Polished
  • Stem: NS Bikes Quark, Black
  • Handlebar: NS Bikes Mint Bar, Black
  • Grip: Fly Ruben, Black
  • Bottom Bracket: Resist Mid, Polished
  • Sprocket: Resist Icon, Black
  • Chain: Shadow Interlock V2, Silver
  • Pedal: Fly Ruben Graphite, Black
  • Seatpost: Shadow Conspiracy Umbra Post, Black
  • Seat: Brooks England B17-S Saddle, Brown
  • Tyres: Resist Nomad 45C, Tan Wall

The fu manchu fork was introduced to have clearance on every size frame, and to make it strong enough for it to take the abuse of the modern day fixed gear rider.

The best combination – Shadow Conspiracy umbra Seatpost + Brooks England B17-S saddle

Resist relapse crank + Shadow Conspiracy half-link chain + Resist icon sprocket + Fly ruben pc pedal!

NS Bikes mint bar, and quark stem which will be available at our store in less than a month time… 

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